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Probable Documentation of rare CAT SPecies Leopardus Tigrinus in NAso Tjër Di Comarca

In the current winter edition of the Cat News Online Magazine of the Cat Specialist Group a short note about the probable camera trap recording of the Northern Tiger Cat in Naso territory was published. The documentation would proof the occurrence of 6 felid species in the Naso settlement area and the first documentation of this rare species in low elevation habitat of Costa Rica and Panama. Here is the link to the newsletter and the article:

black jaguars in Naso territory

Over the past 5 years we have been able to film a handful of black, melanistic jaguars in Naso territory. While being handed the picture of a dead black jaguar cub back in 2015 in a community meeting in one of the Naso villages was an absolute nightmare, the one minute daytime video of a big and stalky adult checking out the camera and stretching out against his marking tree was the absolute highlight of over 4000 camera trap viedos recorded in naso teritory. Here is some background information on the topic …