Teribe de Talamanca

Not only in Panama but also in Costa Rica the Teribe indigenious culture has survived. The name Teribe is derived form their river – the Tjerdi – as it is called in Naso language. Since the Spanish did not know how to pronounce it they called the river Teribe. Tjerdi is translated as river of the grandmother. The Naso language has survived in Panama. In Costa Rica it has been lost.  Here is an excerpt from the website of the Teribe Indigenious cultural association in Costa Rica:

The traditional language, Teribe, is only spoken by a handful of people in the community. However, the efforts to recover it are supported by the Teribe of Panama, another group that shares its culture and history with the Térraba of Costa Rica.(http://terraba.org/en/about.html)

The pictures below stem from an old book I found. It describes the indigenious people of the Talamanca Range, which is where the Teribe river springs.